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James Reilly

I’ve been online a few years, i’ve been in the trenches and learned a great deal of success and failure. What I’ve found out with helping people is that they are sold a system, not shown the basics then left to it. The joys of all these “GhooRoos”.

This site is designed in a way that it will educate you, inform you and offer you some great downloads you can put to use with the information you learn.

I read all the time, it’s easy just join and promote. If only it was.

So a little about ME

I’m a dad of 5 kids, i’m seperated and live on the Isle of Wight in the UK. I am a Type 1 Diabetic and I do share this information on this blog so that I can build awareness. I have been a T1D since 1995, it ended my Army Career, I did get to do 6 years adult service and spent a great deal of time with many awesome people and some amazing memories.

Bringing Awareness to T1D

One of my daughters was a young energetic little thing, always happy and being very loud, then one day we noticed she was getting angry and short tempered, she was hungry and very thirsty. Honestly as a T1D myself I should have noticed it but she had just started primary school and I didn’t until one day I tested her. My meter that I use said HI, which means her sugar level is over 35mmol. I took her to the Dr’s they told me to take her to the Hospital. When I did I saw the emergency doctor who after consultation told me to take her home, fast and then bring her back tomorrow. I explained my concerns and he told me he knew best he was a doctor, I explained to him I know best I’m a Type 1 Diabetic, we argued for a bit then he called in the nurse to shut me up and get me out of his office.

I explained to the nurse what I thought was wrong, she tested my daughters sugar level with my machine and 2 other machines and they were all HI, she contacted the childrens ward and admitted her there and then.

She later told me if I had of taken my daughter home she would have died. 24 hours after being admitted she was still over 60mmol sugar level.

Just because he was a Dr didn’t mean he knew best, I will add posts to this blog so that you can if you want learn more about Diabetes. I will say this, it has nothing to do with diet and being unfit.

Anyway, enjoy the posts and do feel free to leave a comment and if you want to join my list where i will be sharing list only downloads and info then please join me.

Thank You
James Reilly

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