James Reilly

Welcome to my site JamesReilly.uk

I am James Reilly. I set up this site because I am finding that many people are buying systems, programs, videos etc but not knowing how to do the basics.

My goal with this site is to not only show you how to do the basics but to go over the reasons why you are doing them and how best to implement them.

I’m also a Type 1 Diabetic with an Underactive Thyroid who also suffers from erectile-dysfunction due to all the meds, so you will find some personal posts on here about my illness purely because I need to spread awareness of this horrible disease, not only did I catch it in 1995 my daughter caught it when she was 5 years old. Caught is the wrong word, you can’t catch it, it’s not viral.

So I will be breaking down what I do, How to do it and why to do it, not only online but in my lifestyle of being a Diabetic as well.

Check out my random posts below or click on the Articles Link above to find more articles to read and learn more from.

Thank You

James Reilly

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