Autoresponder Messages Are Getting Sent to Spam Folders

If your Autoresponder Messages Are Getting Sent to Spam Folders then let me share a few hints and tips to stop that happening. If you are using autoresponders, your main aim is to get the messages through to your potential or existing customers.

The problem is that not all of the companies have the right tools to do that, and if your open and click rates are down, chances are that your messages are not even arriving and meeting people’s eyes.

There are, however, some measures you can use to avoid this mishap and increase your conversion, open and click rates almost overnight. Find out what you must do to ensure that your messages are not ending up in customers’ SPAM folders.

Use a Reliable Autoresponder

There are many autoresponder services offered on the internet, and not all of them use the same server or software. The more “real spam” is sent out from the same server, the more likely it is that your message will be filtered out, too. There are review sites you can check where you can check the delivery rate of the messages before you sign up for an account.

Check the Spam Rate

Some autoresponders, like Aweber and GetResponse, among many are providing you an indicator rate on how likely your message is to be filtered out by servers. Listen to the company; they know better. Make changes until you get a low score and the graph is green. That is when you are good to send out the broadcast or follow-up autoresponder message.

Ask customers to Add You on Their Whitelist

If you want to be sure that you have covered everything, you might want to ask your customers and subscribers to add you to the whitelist. That can easily be done on most of the free and paid email providers, but people rarely do that. Give people a good reason to take the time and effort; promise them important and useful information in the welcome email.

Send the Message to Yourself and Test with Different Providers

You can test your autoresponder email messages with almost all providers. Some only allow you to send the email to yourself, but others let you use different email addresses. Test the message before sending on various platforms to see if they display correctly and are delivered at all. If you find problems, change the text and headline and try again.

Avoid SPAM Trigger Words

There are some words that simply trigger spam filter. These are usually to do with over-promoted programs and products. Avoid implicit words, the words “free”, “get started” and even “complimentary”. Using the above phrases in your headline will surely make your autoresponder messages get filtered out and end up in the spam folder.

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