As far as the best autoresponders go, both GVO/Pureleverage and Aweber are right up there, on top of the business. Internet marketers love both GVO and Aweber, but which of the two do they like best?

Here, we compare autoresponder GVO/Pureleverage with Aweber, and let you decide which of the two products suits your requirements best. We try to be as objective as possible and do justice to both GVO and Aweber.

How Autoresponder GVO/Pureleverage Compares with Aweber on Email Delivery

Autoresponder GVO/Pureleverage has an excellent e-mail delivery rate, which has been ranked by many internet marketers to be the best out there in the market. But to be fair, Aweber has an excellent e-mail delivery rate as well. So, as far as e-mail delivery is concerned, we are very happy with the performance of both autoresponders, you couldn’t go wrong with either of them.

How Autoresponder GVO/Pureleverage Compares with Aweber on Pricing

GVO/Pureleverage is head and shoulders above all its competitors in the market when it comes to pricing, as you can see clearly from the pricing chart given here. GVO costs just $10 per month for 5000 subscribers and $15 for 10,000. Aweber is rather expensive – $49 per month for 5000 subscribers and $69 per month for 10,000 subscribers. So we have a clear, undisputed winner here.

How Autoresponder GVO/Pureleverage Compares with Aweber on the Affiliate Program

One of the great best features of both GVO and Aweber is their referral program. Both have excellent referral programs, where they pay you a commission for referring their products to others. Where the two differ is on the amount of commission offered. Aweber pays its users 30% commission for each referral, which is not bad at all.

GVO pays a commission for each referral, provided the person referred by you holds on to their GVO account even after the expiry of the trial period.

This is where it gets interesting, because GVO pays $100 extra as bonus for every 5 new signups you can muster in a week and for 25 referrals in a month, GVO pays 300% in commissions.

It’s very easy to make $500 per month from the GVO referral program provided you have, say, a hundred or so members in your downline. So money making opportunities are far better with autoresponder GVO/Pureleverage than with Aweber.

How Autoresponder GVO/Pureleverage Compares with Aweber on Design and Dashboard.

Aweber has a much better design and looks great as well. But we felt that GVO’s interface was more user friendly and we found the navigation on GVO to be much simpler as well. Aweber is a victim of its own design sophistication here; as there are far too many options and drop-down menus to navigate before you finally get what you’re really interested in. Autoresponder GVO/Pureleverage has a much simpler, easy-to-use design and dashboard.

How Autoresponder GVO/Pureleverage Compares with Aweber on Functionality

There is a good reason why Aweber is so much more expensive than autoresponder GVO/Pureleverage – it just has far too many options, over 80% of which are completely unnecessary, to be honest.

Email marketers don’t require their autoresponders to have options such as Survey Creation, which they hardly ever use. They just need one that is reliable and fast – which is what you get with autoresponder GVO/Pureleverage. As we discussed earlier, GVO has the best e-mail delivery rate in the market.

But what we liked about both GVO and Aweber is the option that allows you to import and export your e-mail marketing campaigns with just a click or two, which makes big e-mail marketing campaigns so much easier to handle. At this, both GVO and Aweber are far better than the rest of the competition.


Both autoresponder GVO/Pureleverage and Aweber are similar in terms of performance. GVO has a distinct advantage in terms of affordability, simplicity and ease-of-use. Plus, GVO’s affiliate program helps you make more money.

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