Autoresponder Review

Autoresponders are e-mail utilities that automatically reply to e-mail messages with prewritten responses. They are used by individuals and Internet business sites to respond to user comments automatically. They can also be used to automatically send e-mails, set up or cancel newsletter subscriptions, or verify an on-line purchase and provide an order confirmation number. This autoresponder review will help you find the autoresponder that will provide excellent service for your business.

Overall Considerations When Choosing an Autoresponder

Many things can be considered in an autoresponder review. Some features, however, are of primary importance. The delivery rate is the first critical thing to consider. It is essential for e-mails to actually be received and read by site visitors and potential clients. Therefore, the service should offer modern technology to contact potential clients and also minimize spam in the system. Secondly, it is important for the autoresponder to facilitate managing lists and analyzing data. Finally, the service should review subscribers, read messages, and allow modification of messages whenever necessary.

Unlike other autoresponder reviews which concentrate on one certain service and promote its advantages over other services, this autoresponder review will scrutinize the three best services available in the market.

Get Response

Get Response is currently the leader in the industry. This service provides user-friendly customization. It allows users to attach a document, video, or audio files. It also allows users to copy messages of different formats without having to adjust formatting and guarantees delivery on any day within the week using e-mail filters. This Autoresponder review also noted that the monitoring system of the service is similar to the system used in Google Analytics. Therefore, it offers a wide range of information about the subscriptions and message open rates, as well as the click-through rates. Although they are not easy to use, tutorials are available for users of Get Response service. The monthly fee is a reasonable $17.95. Additionally, the pricing goes down for quarterly and annual subscriptions.


Aweber offers similar features as Get Response. Aweber is a user-friendly service that facilitates the start of new campaigns. It also facilitates the insertion of video and audio files as well as manages subscribers within several lists. It is easy to create schedules and sequences. The service provides a number of customized options for users like effortless broadcasting. A number of autoresponder review websites mention the monitoring and tracking feature of Aweber as important attributes of the service. This autoresponder review also notes that the service allows users to analyze impressions, verifications, subscriptions, and click-through rates on the links delivered to subscribers. The monthly fee is slightly more than the fee for Get Response.

Autoresponse Plus

The last service in this autoresponder review is Autoresponse Plus. Get Response and Aweber are autoresponder services that are hosted remotely. Monthly service fees are required to use these services. In contrast, Autoresponse Plus is a software application installed into the user’s service. The initial licensing cost is $99 for one license or $167 for five licenses. However, users do not have to pay for anything else to use the service.

This autoresponder review notes that the service allows users to customize nearly everything. Users have full access to the software, which facilities importing and the use of external e-mail services. However, this service can be difficult to use for people who are not technically inclined.

Therefore, someone with considerable technical experience needs to provide assistance. Although each license is installed on a single domain, this autoresponder review notes that an unlimited number of autoresponders can be used on the domain without any additional cost.

To be a successful Internet marketer, a first-rate e-mail marketing strategy is essential. There are many autoresponder services available on the market. Get Response, Autoresponse Plus, and Aweber are the three services that this autoresponder review evaluated for entrepreneurs who need autoresponders for their business. These services can be used after hosting and prior to outsourcing. It is important to consider the monthly charges as they relate to income potential when choosing the best product for your business. As an entrepreneur, you can use this autoresponder review to determine the service that is suitable for the needs of your business.

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