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Selecting the most appropriate Email marketing program is a significant stride for your Email marketing success. AWeber is the pioneer of Email marketing software for bloggers and Internet marketers. But there are also several AWeber alternatives for you which take after the same plan of action as AWeber offering a boundless number of emails to subscribers every month.


Mailchimp is a widely famous email marketing software and one of the best AWeber alternatives to choose from. MailChimp is a fun and brilliant administration which has some phenomenal elements. Pricing of Mailchimp is fundamentally the same as AWeber. Aside from the initial administration cost, it is free up until you achieve 500 subscribers.

Afterwards, however, the monthly plans are just a couple of dollars more costly than AWeber. And, for the MailChimp Pro account at $199 you get most of the same features with AWeber for free. For this reason, I would choose AWeber over MailChimp.

Constant Contact:

Constant Contact is another AWeber alternative. It is an expert email marketing company which likewise offers:

  • Around 50 expert looking email templates
  • Great reporting choices
  • stylish signup boxes
  • Great import highlights for those relocating to their service

Price of Constant Contact begins at just $15 a month. There is a 60-day free trial which doesn’t oblige you to enter your credit card information.

This sounds good. However, as I looked into Constant Contact’s affiliate program, I was disappointed. I am an advocate (and you should be too) of joining the affiliate programs of tools you use to build your home business. This helps offset your cost. And, with Constant Contact outsourcing its affiliate program to Commission Junction, I was deeply concerned.


For AWeber Alternatives, GetResponse is closest in comparison. Price and service are similar. Both are strong at building membership records, creating great customizable opt-in forms and empowering you to compose convincing content and HTML messages. Like AWeber, you can pick between single or double-opt-in and the software facilitates to make ‘thank-you’ pages and offer free perks and administrations consequently for the contact points of interest.

In the beginning of my network marketing career, I had GetResponse as my autoresponder. The service was good. No complaints there. However, I found it difficult to contact support when I did have an issue that needed to be addressed. I have since discovered AWeber support to not be matched.


Campaigner is a decent choice for the individuals who needn’t bother with a considerable measure of fancy odds and ends. The administration has more than 450 email formats to browse. It does not have a lot of advance highlights like AWeber. However, this could be expected at a lesser price. which different services have.

Campaigner’s top plan is around 20% less expensive than AWeber s comparable. There is additionally a 30-day trial accessible. However, once again if the wise investor is looking to offset their cost for the tools they use, then Campaigner’s Affiliate Program leaves a lot to be desired. Also, if your goal is to make money, and I am sure it is. there just wasn’t a good enough incentive.


After comparison of service, support and affiliate ROI, AWeber wins hands down.

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