Creating a Product From Home

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Don’t Wait Until You Have One to Start Making Money

A lot of people want to start making money from home by creating a product first. So they look for the best products to sell online or try to come up with some new product ideas that they can promote.

But while they’re looking for products or trying to create a product, they’re missing out on some real money-making opportunities, cash you’ll need to create and launch your own product later on.

So you need to make a plan of attack. You need to figure out how much money you’ll need for creating a product that will sell, and then create a plan for making that money.

There are a lot of ways to make money from home and then use that cash to create the products you want to sell.

Remember, you don’t need to really “know” anything about a certain subject to get started. In fact, it’s actually a better idea to learn something new or learn more about things that interest you. And then you can pick one of these examples to start making money with what you learn.

It can be anything – animals, cars, boating, golf, music, relationships; the list is endless. Just think about all the things that you’re interested in but don’t know much about. Then start gathering information about those things.

And then start putting that information to use to make money. Here are a couple of ways you can do that.

Write for other people

If you have good grammar, punctuation and spelling, you can start writing blog posts, articles, reports and press releases for other marketers. Today’s online marketers always need new content for their sites and blogs. If you can write, and you like to write, start writing and selling content to other marketers.

Do Videos

If you’re not really good at writing, or you just hate to write, do videos. For example, say you really like toying with cars or you’re an avid gardener, and you’re good at it. But you don’t want to write about it. Take your videocam out and do videos on niche subjects and sell the videos.

Host Hangout Workshops

Do an online video workshop and charge a small fee for people to participate. Find things that other people want and need to learn about and show them how to do it live online.

Be an Affiliate for Someone Else’s Products

Think of things you use on a regular basis and look for companies that have affiliate programs for those products. Amazon and eBay are two good places to start.

When you promote those products with an affiliate link and people buy from those links, you make a commission.

Sell Ad Space on Your Blog

If you have an active blog already, offer other marketers blocks of space to advertise their products. You can collect a monthly “lease” fee for selling that space on your blog or website.

Turn Your Knowledge Into a Product.

Make a plan for creating a product out of things you already do and sell that product.

For example, if you’re sticking to a particular niche interest, you can package articles, blog posts and video tutorials into a product and sell it through ClickBank or JVZoo. You’ll sell more of your product if you have other affiliates out there promoting for you.

So instead of spending time creating a product first, start making money first. Then pull it all together into a product that you can market and sell.

Want to make some passive, residual income from your products? Sell them with Master Resell Rights (MRR) or Private Label Rights (PLR). Now you’re creating products once and getting paid for them over and over.

Here are some good examples of digital products you can create and add MRR and/or PLR to them – “How To” products actually sell the best!

  • Video Tutorial Package
  • Videos with PDF transcripts
  • Article Package
  • eBooks
  • Audio Books
  • Graphics Package

And remember, this list is only limited by your imagination!

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