Email Systems to Use for Managing Unsubscribes

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Email campaign is one effective marketing strategy. As such, business owners need to manage their email and autoresponder systems to ensure that they keep their subscribers happy and they don’t get accused of spamming.

Thankfully, there are numerous email marketing software and autoresponders that people can use for free or with a small fee. They are very powerful marketing tools ideal even for those on a budget.

Make sure, however, that when you choose a system, it has the ability to manage your unsubscribe process. This is very important so you don’t upset subscribers who may want to stop receiving messages from you at any time. You have to take action right away and be efficient in this aspect moving forward.


Aweber is a popular email marketing and management system that boasts of great features. It provides an unsubscribe option for every email or broadcast message that it sends out to your lists.

The system has, in fact, a new unsubscribe list feature that simplifies the lead management process. This feature allows the user to unsubscribe more than one person right away.


MailChimp is another system that lets users manage their bounces and unsubscribes in an automated manner.

When a follower clicks on the unsubscribe link, the action is done automatically. The people who have unsubscribed are then put into a separate list which you can download at any time.


The MailUp email service provides two options for the unsubscribe process. Users can choose the single opt-out and the double opt-out.

The single opt-out refers to clicking only the unsubscribe link in the message to complete the process. The double opt-out option, on the other hand, provides the subscriber with a list of unsubscribe options upon clicking the link such as receiving less frequent messages.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact also provides choices for unsubscribing. It has three options for your contacts.

They can click the text link or the SafeUnsubscribe logo in the footer of every email, click any Join My Mail List signup boxes or links displayed or click the Update Profile/Email Address link in the footer of an email.

Those who unsubscribe are then shown a notification that asks them to confirm if they’re sure to unsubscribe or they can just select occasional emails that they want to receive.

As a business owner, you have to acknowledge the fact that you can’t please all your subscribers every time and the people who follow you at some point have the right to unsubscribe at any time. People’s online behaviour differs and so while some want to receive messages frequently, the others want it less frequently which is why you have to give them an option.

But you don’t have to take it personally because it’s just part of being in business. The best thing you can do is to make it clear from the start that they have an option to unsubscribe and point them to the link where they can do the action.

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