Getting Twitter To Advertise Your Blog

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Any Professional Blogger will tell you that their most valued secrets are Plugins. It is how the do their Search Engine Optimization, Traffic Generation, Affiliate Link Cloaking and Much More. Plugins is how you share affiliate links on social media, without getting blocked or suspended. Although the true professionals and super affiliate marketers never share affiliate links, but rather links to their own blogs and email lists.

The key is to know just which plugins to use, but more importantly why you use them. For the purpose of this article we will focus on a specific plugin that will inspire your visitors to Re-Tweet every word you write. When your own followers start Re-Tweeting your Tweets to their followers and they in turn Re-Tweet to their followers, well I’m sure you can do the math.

The secret to successfully leveraging Twitter lies not in your ability to product hundreds of tweets per day, but rather in how many times your relevant content get shared. The same applies to all your social platforms and profiles, you must get your audience active and interested in your work. A lack of engagement is the primary reason so many people fail to make money online.

People like to share content that make their Re-Tweet attractive, adding to their professional profiles. All you have to do is provide them with this kind of Sharable Content, and One Re-Tweet will soon turn to Hundreds of Re-Tweets. It’s a simple, but exceptionally effective tactic that has proven itself as an Outstanding Plugin.

What this plugin does, is it creates tweet-able content, and then adds it to each and every one of your blog posts. So instead of just a Tweet or Share option, your visitor will now share a tweet from a Twitter window. Something to the liking of “It’s no fun to fail, but it inspires imminent success!”

Your visitors are sharing these kind of inspirational quotes, nicely redirecting to your blog. All professionally done, perfectly S.E.O friendly and compatible with all known similar plugins like your Twitter share plugin. Remember that content will always be king, and this is how you get the masses to share your hard work.

You can further your exposure by linking all your social profiles and platforms. The second something is shared on your Twitter it also shares to your other social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

This is the Power of Plugins, and there are literally thousands of plugins. Using them wisely will soon see your profits and engagement take off like never before.

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