How to Join the Affiliate Army

Rising Up The Ranks

Little guys don’t generally do too well in the army, until they rise up through the ranks, that is. No-one is going to argue with a sergeant-major even if he is five foot nothing. One exception to this rule is the affiliate army.

Affiliate Special Forces

Back in the internet dark ages, affiliates were more like an elite special forces unit than a fully fledged army. It was hard to become a commissioned affiliate and hard for an affiliate to make commissions even after they became enlisted.

Rookie Affiliates

Thankfully things have changed. While the more decorated officers in the ranks of affiliate marketing still continue to make the biggest commissions, it is now possible for rookies to start earning affiliate revenue almost from the get go. In order to start making these commissions, you need to follow basic training of course. You need to follow a proven system with a track record.

Army of Super Affiliates

Those of us who joined the affiliate army when the internet was in its infancy, actually love to see newbies enlisting to join our ranks. The main reason is that we want to build an army of super affiliates which will do tons and tons of sales of our products. We want you to receive a rigorous training so you can earn your stripes as soon as possible. It’s a no-brainer really. When you get our best affiliate and traffic training you’ll be unstoppable.

Learn from the Affiliate Elite

So where can you get this training? Actually, from the same affiliate sites that you’ll be looking for products to promote. Just make sure you do the same due diligence when looking for training as you do when searching for products to make you commissions. Just as you follow the money when choosing a product to promote, likewise, when you want to learn the affiliate marketing ropes, make sure you learn from the best. Find out who is packing the really big commissions consistently and jump on their training as soon as it becomes available.

Don Your Affiliate Fatigues

So we internet marketers want an army of these unstoppable affiliate soldiers fighting our cause and sending sales to us. If you are ready to join the affiliate army, put on your army fatigues and march on over to your affiliate recruitment officer now and enroll for basic training at the double. Move ’em out, soldier!

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