How To Start A Blog This Year

When it comes to blogging there are literally 5 things that you must first have in order to be successful, and here is a list of what’s needed:

  • A Plan
  • A Niche
  • A Blog
  • Quality Content
  • Traffic Coming In

Let’s cover each topic right now so that you can start your journey.

A Plan

The first thing you need is a plan for success. You have to know where you will begin and where you will end.

Your plan may be to begin by starting your blog and reaching thousands of people, but then ending will a total of millions of people being reached, and making the blog extremely successfulHow To Start A Blog This Year to the point where you are labelled as one of those worlds famous blogs like Perez Hilton’s blog for instance. Now that is a plan. Not only do you know where and how you want to start your blog, but you also know where you want it end. Sounds like a plan. Let’s get you started.

A Niche

Alright so you have a plan but you aren’t sure about which niche to go into. Here’s some advice, just ask yourself what inspires you the most? What are you the most passionate about? Once you have this question answered, you have your niche topic, congratulations.

A Blog

It is now time to start your blog. In order to start your blog you are going to need something called a content management system, better known as a CMS. This CMS system will basically build a blog for you, so there’s no need to pay an overly priced web or blog designer to build it for you, all you have to do is download a blogging app called WordPress and install it on your web server and now you have a live blog that’s ready to go.

In case you were wondering what a web server is, it’s a service that hosts your web or blog pages on the internet, or in other words, it’s what makes a web and blog tick. This is also where you can register the name of your blog, so if you were thinking of calling your blog a name that you gave your pet when you first set eyes on him or her, then this is where you’d register that name – with the web server.

Quality Content

This is perhaps one of the most vital parts of a blog, as it needs the most continuous attention. I’m sure that by now you have heard of the saying that content is king, well it actually is, people aren’t telling you a fib when they say that because content makes or breaks your site… period.

You have to be sure to always put out quality content so that search engines like Google and most importantly people will like your content. And the more you have the more everyone and everything(Google) will keep coming back.

Traffic Coming In

Remember earlier when we talked about content bringing in people and search engines? Well that is one way to get traffic coming in to your blog, another way would be to sign up for social media sites and begin mingling with people whom are in your same niche, because traffic is key.

No blog on the web can survive without traffic, so make sure your blog is covered.

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