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The world of affiliate marketing can be very challenging, however, it has tremendous potential for you to earn significant income as an affiliate marketer. Across the Internet, there are thousands of affiliate marketers making lots of money selling other people’s products as well as their own.

Affiliate marketing is a good way to make extra money, but it’s important that you promote with caution. Lots of promoters screw up the process, usually, with excessive emailing. No body wants to get the same message every day, especially 2 or 3 times in a day, is bad for your business.

If you are just beginning your home based business, an autoresponder service makes sense but you still have to use good judgment about how often you send a message to your subscribers. Follow the lead of other successful Internet Marketers who have built a huge list of names that they write to every week.

Set your own goals. Maybe 10K, even 20K names of subscribers is an excellent list where you should be able to earn significant money. Even better is a list of regular buyers who spend their hard earned cash with you and your company. It’s important that you understand that some of your subscribers are free loaders or tire kickers who will never spend any money with you.

Almost all successful affiliate marketers use an autoresponder, it simply gives you the benefit of automation in your business. An autoresponder can make doing business easier and enable you to contact all of your customers or potential customers with the click of a button.

You no longer have to spend hours sending out emails after you’ve set up a series of email letters or notices because your autoresponder takes care of the work for you.

Anytime you have a new product, new software or write a product review, simply click your autoresponder broadcast button and the job is done. You can address each person on your list by their first name, enter a reason for the message and in a short time, everyone, 10K or whatever the #, of buyers or your subscribers will all get your message almost instantly or at most within minutes.

Large lists are seldom built quickly but knowing it can be done is good news. Obviously, few things will speed up your business success more than an autoresponder. Actually, most of us “rent” the use of an autoresponder from companies like aweber, compact, or one of the other systems by paying a monthly fee.

Search places like clickbank with thousands of products that you can sell as a commissioned affiliate marketer to all of your buyers and subscribers. Product owners are happy to pay you 50% up to 75% for sending them new customers. Once they make a sale to your subscribers they will pay you the agreed to commission but understand that the person is now their customer too.

Don’t over promote any product or you’ll find people leaving your list of subscribers. We want them to stay with us forever so it’s important that you recognize the names on your list are REAL people with feelings and their reaction to pushy promoters is not good, one click and they’re gone forever. Treat them as your best friend, think about who they are, visualize them, and remember why they happen to be subscribed to your email list.

Once you have some customers on your list, it seems that an email message every week or 10 days makes sense. You don’t want them to forget about you, however, don’t overwhelm them with promotions. You can send appropriate notes and/or quality information, good tips or a simple newsletter usually builds a good relationship for you with your customers. Remember, LKT, Like, Know and Trust is your goal for success.

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