Is Launch Jacking A Suitable Method For New Affiliate Marketers?

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Seeing that this approach can be really lucrative you may be tried to utilize this technique in your marketing toolbox.

, if you are brand-new to affiliate marketing and looking for ways how to make cash on the internet you may come throughout a technique that is called the launch jacking method.

What is launch jacking anyhow?
Whenever a brand-new item is released to the marketplace location it takes place in a product launch and frequently produces a great deal of buzz amongst consumers and affiliates alike.
A launch jacker attempts to benefit from this buzz and direct as much traffic as possible to his own evaluation site, in the intend to cash in on affiliate commissions.
Now as lots of affiliates are mailing their lists when the product goes live, the launch jacker can anticipate a lot of traffic to his evaluation website. Particularly from individuals who got an email from among the marketers, but not buying on first sight and speaking with Google for their research study.
When done right, the launch jacker handled to rank their site well in Google and directs a few of this traffic to their evaluation site.
Typically, this traffic converts well, as it is already pre-qualified. Method the visitors got already a suggestion about the product and are simply seeking to verify what they already understood.
Frequently a launch jacker can make 4 or even 5 figure paydays utilizing this method.
This method works well for an established marketer, who has currently some relationships to item owners. In this case, they typically get a review copy long before the item goes live and can prepare their marketing material.
New affiliates: Stay away from launch jacking
Nevertheless, a new affiliate online marketer who do not have the experience and/or relationship to product owners, will not get an evaluation copy that quickly. Hence they base their evaluation on the statements taken from the sales page or JV page.
As an outcome, the evaluation wont be a sincere evaluation, as the brand-new affiliate marketer didnt base their evaluation on their own experience with the item, but on the product owners statements only.
The huge loser in this strategy will be the visitors who made their purchase choice based on a fake evaluation.
And in the long run, the affiliate marketer himself, as people who were deceived into the purchase barely will come back and listen to another recommendation once again.

I d recommend brand-new affiliate online marketers stay away from product launch jacking, a minimum of till they acquired some experience and constructed some relationships in the industry.


Nevertheless, if you are simply beginning with affiliate marketing or if you are at the really beginning, I extremely suggest staying away from it, and heres why.

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