Is Launch Jacking A Suitable Method For New Affiliate Marketers?

If you are new to affiliate marketing and looking for ways how to make money on the internet you might come across a technique that is called the launch jacking method.

Seeing that this method can be very profitable you might be attempted to use this technique in your marketing arsenal.

However, if you are just starting with affiliate marketing or if you are at the very beginning, I highly recommend staying away from it, and here’s why.

What is launch jacking anyway?

Every time a new product is released to the market place it happens in a product launch and often creates a lot of buzz among affiliates and customers alike.

A launch jacker tries to take advantage of this buzz and direct as much traffic as possible to his own review site, in the hope to cash in on affiliate commissions.

Now as many affiliates are mailing their lists once the product goes live, the launch jacker can expect a lot of traffic to his review site. Especially from people who received an email from one of the marketers, but not buying on first sight and consulting Google for their research.

When done right, the launch jacker managed to rank their site well in Google and directs some of this traffic to their review site.

Usually, this traffic converts well, as it is already pre-qualified. Means the visitors got already a recommendation about the product and are just looking to confirm what they already knew.

Often a launch jacker can make 4 or even 5 figure paydays using this technique.

This method works well for an established marketer, who has already some relationships to product owners. In this case, they usually get a review copy long before the product goes live and can prepare their marketing material.

New affiliates: Stay away from launch jacking

However, a new affiliate marketer who don’t have the experience and/or relationship to product owners, won’t get a review copy that easily. Hence they base their review on the statements taken from the sales page or JV page.

As a result, the review won’t be an honest review, as the new affiliate marketer didn’t base their review on their own experience with the product, but on the product owner’s statements only.

The big loser in this strategy will be the visitors who made their purchase decision based on a fake review.

And in the long run, the affiliate marketer himself, as people who were tricked into the purchase hardly will come back and listen to another recommendation again.

I’d suggest new affiliate marketers stay away from product launch jacking, at least until they gained some experience and built some relationships in the industry.

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