Newbies’ Internet How to Guide to Autoresponders

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Autoresponders are your most important asset when you start your new home based business. Your autoresponder is your 24 hour sales machine. An automatic responder email software enables any self-respecting internet marketer to house his mailing lists. This all important email list is the bread and butter of your online business. Thus taking away your autoresponder would be akin to taking away your rice bowl.

When Newbies want to earn online income from an ebusiness, they face a steep learning curve. It is not just the cost of repeatedly buying each promising online business opportunity, it is also the investment of the wasted time trying out each new ‘money making’ internet affiliate program.Newbies Internet How to Guide to Autoresponders

Each step of the internet marketing journey is broken into manageable parts here and when tied together should ease the pain of the learning process.

So when selecting an autoresponder, make sure you choose the BEST. What is the best autoresponder? Good question.

Different Types of Autoresponders

There are 3 types of autoresponders:

Self-Hosted – This is installed in your own hosting.

Third party Hosted Autoresponder – This is paid monthly or annually such as GetResponse or aWeber.

Free Autoresponders – No fees are required NOT Recommended

For self hosted autoresponders, the advantages are the cost-saving as it is a one-time purchase. You can also import leads manually. However, the disadvantages are critical. It may not be stable and can lead to delivery issues. You would have to get a dedicated server which may not prove cost-effective.

The third-party hosted autoresponder is my preferred choice. This is much more reliable and there is fast delivery of emails. If you encounter any problems, getting support is easy. But this convenience comes at a price, it may cost more than US$100 per month depending on the size of your email list. However, this should be a happy problem when you have to pay more for each increase in subscribers into the next tier, so just start at the lowest fee and work hard to increase your email database.

Free autoresponders should not be used. If the free autoresponder becomes defunct, your email database is lost, all your hard work would be for naught. You may also face reliability issues.

Single or Double Opt-in?

With the single opt-in, your autoresponder redirects your subscribers to affiliate sales pages or your ‘thank you’ / download page instantly after they opt in.

With the double opt-in, subscribers have to check their email and click on the confirmation link to confirm their email subscription. After this additional step, they are then directed to the affiliate sales page or ‘thank you’ / download page.

This unnecessary additional step can actually give rise to a percentage of subscribers who will forget or neglect to confirm their email subscription. These hard-earned potential subscribers are lost and your effort did not achieve its maximum effect.

The advantage from the single opt-in is 100% confirmation and 100% of your subscribers will see your affiliate sales pages, but people may just put someone else’s name and email address into your squeeze page, so you might become open to spam complaints.

With the double opt-in, you are 100% safe from spam complaints, but you could possibly lose up to 40% to 50% of your leads as some may not even receive your confirmation email. You may thus lose sales as not everyone will see the sales page.

How to Make Sure Everyone Receives your Emails?

Ensure that you inform your subscribers to whitelist your email address. An email whitelist is a list of contacts that the user deems are acceptable to receive emails from and should not be sent to the trash folder.

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