Second Lesson – Starting Your Own Newsletter

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It’s time for your second lesson in the Starting Your Own Newsletter Crash Course. I hope you found lesson one informative. In this lesson, we are going to go over a few of the best newsletter formats and the importance of having a good autoresponder system.

When it comes to the look and feel of your newsletter which format you decide to use is completely up to you. There are three commonly used formats that you can choose from and adapt to suit your needs. However, each format has its pros and cons.

For instance, the text newsletter which is most common because it is easy and universally accessible. The advantage of this format is that other than writing, you don’t require any special skills other than a working knowledge of a text editor link use a Word or Notepad.

On the other hand, you have the optin to publish an HTML newsletter.

This format requires a certain degree of skills and at least a general understanding of tags and short-codes. The nice thing about this format is that you can add more sophisticated features, making them more appealing to your subscribers. It also helps increase readership value, which is something that text newsletters can’t provide.

With HTML you can change the look and feel of your issues by using different font styles, headings, columns, images, and more. However, the drawback often faced by this format is that they often get trapped into spam filters before they reach your subscriber’s inboxes.

Lastly, there is the PDF newsletter. It is a nice option if you want to deliver a printable version of your issues. This format can be very time consuming but it often makes up for it in quality readership. Due to the commitment required, PDF newsletters are usually published on a monthly basis.

Keep in mind that given all of the available options you don’t have to necessarily choose just one newsletter format. As a matter of fact, many publishers opt to create their issues in multiple formats in order to reach a larger audience.

That’s it for today’s lesson. In your next lesson, we will be talking about the benefits of using an autoresponder system to deliver content and manage your subscribers

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