Should You Use an Autoresponder Service?

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Should You Use an Autoresponder Service? First, let’s determine what an autoresponder is. It is software that can be used to send emails to people automatically. This includes initial emails as well as responses to emails. A common example is when you go on vacation and you set your email service to send a message in response to incoming emails that you will be away from the office. Another common example is when online business owners use this software to send pre-written emails on timed intervals to customers.

So, now that we have determined what an autoresponder is let’s determine if you should use a service that offers one. First, before we go any further, let’s agree that running a business requires that you spend money at some point. This is not just true for offline businesses but for online businesses as well. Granted, the overhead expenses for online businesses is often much less than the expenses required for an offline business. Nevertheless, there are expenses.

If you want to build a successful online business you are going to need to build an email list. You are going to need the code to install your online opt-in form and a way to record and store the information of all of the people who have opted in. You are also going to need a trustworthy way of permanently removing those from your list that no longer wish to receive correspondence from you. Hopefully, you will need to send mass emails. Sending a large number of emails from your personal email account won’t work out too well because once you send out the first several your email could be blacklisted for sending out spam. How can you successfully accomplish all of the things listed in this paragraph? Well, hopefully, the next paragraph will help.

Using a well-known autoresponder service provider will allow you to send out thousands of emails because mail servers trust them. They trust them because they require mail recipients to opt-in to receive email correspondence. Secondly, using a service allows you to record and store the email addresses of the hundreds of thousands of people who would want to opt-in to your website or blog. Thirdly, using a service takes the headache away of trying to keep track of who opted out because they do it for you. Fourthly, using a service gives you access to stats of how often your emails are opened and if they are read in their entirety.

Where can you get an autoresponder service and how much do they cost? There are quite a few available on the web. Two of the more popular services is Get Response and Aweber. Both of these services can start you with programs that cost under $20. However, remember that shopping for a service is like shopping for anything else. You want to get the most for your money. So do a little comparison shopping before making your final choice.

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