The Found-Footage Horror Guide To Email Marketing

What has this got to do with a Guide To Email Marketing? Read on and see.

Watched a film recently called “The Frankenstein Theory“.

It’s another found-footage film (what horrors aren’t these days). So I was a bit apprehensive.

It’s about a disgraced professor who’s got a theory that Frankenstein’s monster is real.

Clearly he’s ridiculed for it.

Even though he’s got decent evidence.

Anyway, he takes a film team out to Canada where he thinks the monster is.

And it doesn’t need me to say it turned out the monster was real.

Was it a good film?

Alright, I suppose.

Same sorta storyline as all these found-footage horrors.

Very predictable.

But the acting was good. And the Frankenstein part was quite interesting.

However, even though they’re all so predictable, why are found-footage films still so popular?

Honestly, I don’t know for sure.

But I think it’s this:

Because they don’t look fancy at all…

They look very “real”…

They really do look as though any Tom, Dick or Harry could’ve filmed it with their video camera.

Meaning they look much more realistic.

Whereas a big-budget horror with a load o’ special effects doesn’t have the same impact.

And guess what?

You should use this “found-footage” philosophy yourself.

See, too many businesses have really fancy-looking websites…

And really fancy-looking email designs…

But you know what?

This is actually HINDERING their ability to make sales.


Well it’s the same reason why people prefer “cheap” looking horrors over really slick-looking ones.

They just seem more “real”.

So don’t faf around with making things look pretty.

Only worry about how things perform. This is the only thing your email list cares about.

In other words…

Keep it simple.

This really is one of the best email marketing tips you’ll receive.

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