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Who is Better Aweber or MailChimp

Building a list should be your number one priority when starting and building an Internet business. A good autoresponder will automate list building and automate your email follow up at a schedule you set. It is the best way to stay in touch with your prospects and customers.

Aweber and MailChimp are some of the best known autoresponders. So which email newsletter service is the best? Lets look at some of their advantages and disadvantages and find out which oneWho is Better Aweber or MailChimp is best suited for your needs.

Benefits of MailChimp:

  • You can get started for free.
  • The program is easy to use.
  • You can upgrade as your list and mailing needs grow.

Disadvantages: The free version has serious limitations.

  • The number of people who can sign up to your email list is limited. It’s only free up to 2000 subscribers.
  • The amount of emails you can send out is limited.
  • MailChimp does not allow affiliate marketing and has shut down people who are using affiliate links.

Benefits of Aweber

  • Is known for having the best delivery rate. This is one of the most important benefits.
  • Offers excellent customer service. Support is very important – especially when you first start using an autoresponder as you will probably need some help.
  • Offers many great templates that will make your newsletter look professional. This is important to build rapport and credibility.
  • Offers better tracking of clicks and impressions.
  • Allows affiliate marketing.
  • The fee for Aweber is actually less if you have more than 2000 subscribers.

Why You Need To Choose a Good Autoresponder From the Start

If you’re serious about Internet marketing, don’t settle for a cheap autoresponder. It will cost you time, headaches, subscribers and money. It is important to choose a good autoresponder service and stay with them. You don’t want to change providers after building a large list and setting up a lot of autoresponders and autoresponder messages. If you import your list to the new service, your subscribers will have to resubscribe and you’ll lose 75% of your subscribers. That’s why I recommend Aweber right from the start.


Aweber is definitely the best autoresponder for serious marketers. MailChimp is popular because it provides a free option. And although it’s cheaper to start up with MailChimp, it will cost you more as your Internet business grows. MailChimp can help you get started if you’re on a limited budget and have limited email needs. Only go with MailChimp is your email needs are very limited and you don’t plan on growing your list.

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