Why You Should Make Your Emails Boring

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Because if you read my ezine articles frequently, youll understand Im always informing you how being uninteresting in your email marketing is the worst thing you can do.

And so it should.

Bet that titles got you curious …

Am I constantly lying?

There is in fact one thing in your emails which you certainly need to make boring.

However …

Naturally not.

Being boring actually is a sales killer.

What is it?

How your e-mails LOOK.

And you do this by making e-mails look really plain and dull (in regards to their style).

See, you wish to make your emails look as personal as possible.

Believe about it:

If you get an e-mail from a friend, do they bother using “graphics”?

Do they trouble utilizing a pre-made signature?

Do they trouble using expensive e-mail design templates?

Which, my buddy, is exactly what you should do when writing to your e-mail list.

Or by not capitalizing each and every single word of your subject line …

For example, composing like you talk, including using “slang” words which you utilize in real life …

Get this wrong, and youre losing out on a lot of cash.

You want to be considered a good friend.

Naturally they do not. They simply write an e-mail and press send.

Anyhow, there are plenty more things you can do to make your emails more “individual”.

You do not wish to be considered a “service”.

Or by using your real name in the “sender” field, rather of the name of your business.

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